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Viktor's collections


There are eight souvenirs that I collected from Australia, Japan and China. I bought several of them in museum. My friends brings me the other as gift. Each of them are valuable and meaningful.


This is the Terracotta Warriors which my sister bought from XI'AN museum
I bought this beautiful mummy key chain in Mummy Exhibition when I visit Tokyo in 2019
Saber's key chain, the main characters in Fate/Grand Order. I bought that in Akihabara which is the Animation City
I bought this Coat of arms of Australia key chain when I visit the Parliament House in Canberra


I bought this lavender bear when I visiting Bridestowe Lavender Estate in Tasmania with my father.
I also bought two big bears which are same as the gift from the Prime Minister of Australia to the Prime Minister of China
Eeyore is a famous character in Disney, I bought it as a gift from Disney Land in Japan
This Koala is been in my house a long time, My Australian foreign teachers gives me when I was studying in China as a reward.
This is a Panda brooch, I bought it for my dress decoration for the Christmas party.